Week One: Integumentary System

Starting with the system that is responsible for the largest organ in the human body, becoming mindful of your skin allows you to find simple and effective improvements that are noticeable, touchable and rewarding.

Exercise 1B — Integumentary System

In this exercise and throughout the rest of this chapter, you will better understand how the physical systems of the human body are formed in co-operation with each other and are all interdependent. Dermatologists and other professional skincare specialists would be first ones to tell you that skin care starts from your gut. Later we will focus on how you can support your digestive system. but for this first week, start by observing your skin from head to toe. Ask yourself: How could I protect myself from damage and enhance the quality of my skin? In this week’s daily routine, spend a bit more effort mindfully observing and caring for your skin.


Begin by simply taking a closer look at your skin, hair, and nails. Touch your skin from the outside and feel it from within, taking note of its appearance, texture, and sensation.


After allowing your skin to communicate with you through sight and touch, set your own short-term goal for your skin. As with all goals in the following practices, our skin care goal needs to be “SMART,” conforming to the following criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. 


After setting a goal, begin your practice of skin protection. You can use methods or products with which you are already familiar or connect with a friend or the internet to seek recommendations. Choose one or two natural methods that can help you protect your skin from damage by natural sources (such as the sun), or by unnatural sources (such as chemicals and pollutants).

Nourishment and Enhancement:

If you are already maintaining protection methods, then it’s time to enhance your practice and nurture your skin with natural oils or supplements. You may begin applying this immediately or complete the first week of observation and protection practice first.

Duration and Frequency:

Focus on skin protection as often as possible during your daily activities. Use your chosen nourishment and enhancement methods at least daily or as required.

Practice for one to three weeks. Observation and protection may be practiced for some time before nourishment and enhancement begin. Enjoy the improvements day by day.