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Schedule your initial consultation with Aida to get personalized advice on living a flourishing life. To book, select a time on this page and click "Book Now" then enter payment information below. Once processed, you will be emailed a link to your choice of video or audio call.

Single sessions and session packages can only be purchased after this initial consultation. Initial consultations are currently on sale as a bundle with the Book of Present. Click here to learn more.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect?

This call is judgement-free and pressure-free, Aida is offering consultations this year because she loves to meet new people and help them accelerate their journey to thriving.

This is a 30 minute to one hour video or audio call (your preference) to discuss your personal path toward living a flourishing life. Aida draws on her studies of Philosophy, Positive Psychology and Yoga to help dispel confusions and identify tools and resources to support your life journey. Every session is unique and tailored to the experience and goals of the client.

How do I need to prepare?

Aida wrote the Book of Present to help her clients find direction in their personal growth. Reading and practicing the Book of Present Program before your call will allow you to skip past the basics and get deeper into what you, uniquely, need to thrive.

Why is the initial consultation priced higher than single sessions?

Unlike some consultations, this isn't a sales call. The goal is to get to the root of your unique personal development story and efficiently chart a course toward a flourishing life. Often, the first call with Aida is the most valuable, but further sessions are available for clients who want to clear up any confusion in their path.​ Aida believes: "If I'm doing my job, you should have the tools you need and won't feel a need to come back to me."​

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