The Book of Present: Self-Understanding Through Philosophy and Science, was composed in 2017 by Aida I. Askry, Ph.D. and edited by Benjamin D. Schultz in Texas, USA.

This book was originally designed for Aida’s dedicated practitioners and patients including teachers, doctors and healers, professionals, and other leaders of our society in search of ultimate physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening.


To support you, regardless of your belief system, through a deeper exploration of the true nature of your own consciousness, mind, and body, so you may reveal your own pragmatic path of experience and understanding to guide you through your life journey.


Dive Within,

Without fear.


Aida I. Askry, Ph.D.


Aida holds a Doctorate of Philosophy specialized in Holistic Life Counseling and is also a community member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). Having worked professionally in the medical and athletic fields, Aida has identified community-building, social intelligence, self-understanding, holistic wellness, and human flourishing as the most important factors in our society’s evolution.

As a professional author, philosopher, and dedicated yoga instructor, Aida truly believes that the most profound and significant events in life happen in an environment where the science and philosophy of wellbeing have been integrated. Aida believes that everyone on this planet deserves an equal opportunity to practice peace, virtue, and realization of body, mind, and consciousness and that it is the unique responsibility of the leaders at every level of society to create space and tools for this development within their sphere of influence.

Website and Program Co-Creator

Benjamin D. Schultz


Benjamin is a Mechanical Engineer, Web Developer, and passionate Yoga Instructor. He is an advocate of balanced workplaces, supporting employers to create a work environment that enlivens employees on every level. Benjamin has had the good fortune to spend most of his career supporting one of the world’s largest energy companies in transforming its culture of project delivery and operations.; striving to cultivate an environment of employee trust, empowerment, and effectiveness through fostering authenticity, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. In support of developing these organizational traits, Benjamin has been responsible for the delivery of a global front line operations leadership training program as well as other cultural and behavioral change programs in his capacity as a Project Transformation Engineer. 

In further search of holistic personal and societal wellness, Benjamin has become a Registered Yoga Teacher and has contributed to the development of Book of Present and its online features. He believes that only when driven from a place of inner purpose and peace can professionals bring their entire self to work, constructively contributing to our shared society from a place of deeper understanding and holistic competence.

Informing the depth of a desire to define and declare your life purpose