Begin to express your full potential: enliven your senses and expand your consciousness to participate in the present moment wholly and authentically.

Book of Present: Self-Understanding through Philosophy and Science is the first book designed to support you, regardless of your belief system, through a deeper exploration of your whole self, within and without. Widen your horizons as you grow your awareness of your own body, mind, consciousness, and heart through world-expanding reflective exercises and enlightening resources. While the journey of self-understanding isn't always easy, it helps to have a map.

Drawing on timeless wisdom, Book of Present's self-inquiry practices equip you to guide your own development through simply living your daily life with directed focus and interest, then reflecting on the results. 

Dive within, without fear to express your full potential. In our interdependent world, we can't afford any less. Start your journey today.




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Since her childhood, Aida has been naturally driven to investigate the full extent of human potential, from the deepest levels of individual consciousness to the capability of our collective society. In 2017, Aida wrote Book of Present: Self-Understanding through Philosophy and Science as an accessible guidebook to awareness, growth, and understanding at every level of the human form.

Aida holds a Doctorate of Philosophy specialized in Holistic Life Counseling and is also a community member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). Having worked professionally in the medical and athletic fields, Aida has identified community-building, social intelligence, self-understanding, holistic wellness, and human flourishing as the most important factors in our society’s evolution.

As a professional author, philosopher, and dedicated yoga instructor, Aida truly believes that the most profound and significant events in life happen in an environment where the science and philosophy of wellbeing have been integrated. Aida believes that everyone on this planet deserves an equal opportunity to practice peace, virtue, and realization of body, mind, and consciousness and that it is the unique responsibility of the leaders at every level of society to create space and tools for this development within their sphere of influence.

Terje G. Simonsen

Author and Historian of Ideas - Norway

"A helpful and sympathetic book, combining the theoretical with the practical in a fruitful way. Exercises that will help expand your consciousness and benefit your health, combined with an expanded, and according to my understanding, more true view of what a mysterious miracle consciousness really is than is found within conventional psychology."

Samuel Palmer

Therapist, Author, and Ashtanga Yoga Master - Texas, USA

"Aida is my trusted friend and respected colleague. This book is like a having a coach with you to help get you oriented toward becoming more aware of the various aspects of holistic health and becoming more proactive in doing the things you need to do to accomplish this kind of balance in your life. This book takes a unique approach that anyone can follow along with. The book doesn’t try to do all the work for you, instead it serves as a guide and a journal to serve as a catalyst to get you into the mode of thinking about your wellbeing and taking responsibility for it. If you do so, you will create a fantastic foundation that will support a healthy and conscious lifestyle, and open the door for many more good things to come into your life. When you are in need of healing, it is crucial to examine all of the aspects of your life and your being, because most likely the answer you are missing is sitting someplace you haven’t looked at before. Each aspect of your health is interconnected. You cannot simply fix one issue without examining and understanding many related factors. That is why the holistic approach to health is the best way to look after your wellbeing for the long term. In Ashtanga Yoga, there is the principle of Svadhyaya, which means the study of yourself. Get to know yourself and your needs, and then you will be better able to take care of yourself."


*Photo credit: Valerie Owhadi

Andrew Lenz, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac

Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner - Kansas, USA

"Life in western society leads to a constant, draining taxation on a day to day basis. While not every westerner is necessarily sick or diseased, I would categorize the vast majority as un-well. Most people wander through life seeking a purpose or just feeling stuck mentally or emotionally. This program helps us to learn to get in-touch with our inner and true self to bring out the best person we can become. Through the Book of Present, you will find the answers within yourself to help you get the most out of life. If you are ready to change for the better there is no one I would trust more to undertake the process with."

Alex Potuzak, PE

Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager - USA

"The Book of Present both informs and engages the reader to actively understand oneself. Every day at work, I take action and properly document; I'm excited that I can utilize this book and the program to do the same for my personal health. With this, I can avoid my true fear of complacently falling deep into a rut."

Monique Walker

Founder and Director of ServeGlad - Texas, USA

"Dr. Aida Askry is one of those people you meet and instantly feel as though you’ve known her all of your life. She is well educated in wellness and holistic health and her approach to working with clients is deeply relatable. She’s a doctor but she so easily becomes a friend. She’s as knowledgeable as she is fun to be around! Her new book, “Book of Present,” offers readers a deeper dive into the understanding of self. It’s the perfect mix of philosophy and science, an easy read and developmental tools that help readers navigate the process of building a personal path to wellness. I personally read the whole book in one day and was ready to start my own personal work! I appreciate my inner being even more and thanks to Dr. Askry, I can establish greater balance to my life and to the lives of those in my family."

Sharon Jenkins

Radio Personality - USA

"This is a topic we all have been wondering about. Bringing science and philosophy together for the sake of self-understanding and living in the moment. I am of the mindset of being in the present moment; it is very important because tomorrow is not promised to you. This program is a way to celebrate life, celebrate the beauty of self and others. I encourage you to read the Book of Present and learn to celebrate every moment."

Sarah Abraham

Director of Abraham Telecasting Company - USA

"We have a choice to make a decision what we need in life and when you need it. The Book of Present is both empowering and enlightening; it gives us the wisdom to make ourselves better and make the world around us a better place."

Sheida Moderk

Information Systems Analyst - Finland

"I’ve always been interested in philosophy but only had a fragmented knowledge on the subject. Aida really helped me put it in perspective and pointed me to areas I didn't know much about. Her book is very insightful, easy to read, easy to understand and hard to put it down. Big ideas are explained simply, unlike many other philosophy books. She clearly has a good knowledge of the subjects and delivered them in an easy explanation."

Belmiro Cipriano

Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager - Angola

"It is always a pleasure to receive the great lecture and explanation from you. You still challenge my understanding of yoga and life itself. I am meditating and studying every day your answers and crossing with my research, it is amazing to see how we are so connected with the existence and this practice makes the union possible."

Arash Zare.M

Vegan Chef - Finland

"When I started the program, going through the Book of Present, the first thing really got my attention was how wide the audience range was. I mean everyone, from any lifestyle, worldview, and belief system could benefit from it. As a chef, I am always looking for creative inspirations and I found myself just as excited about the book’s practices which in a way is supporting me to improve my recipe of life. Today, the Book of Present is not only a personal development tool but also proudly a part of my kitchen and cooking philosophy."

Victor Liu

Architect/Qigong Practitioner, Hong Kong/USA

"The Book of Present is what I like to call a hybrid book, not only is it informative as is the nature of a book, but it also challenges the reader to do work. The book itself document the linkage between mind, body, behaviors, and thoughts. The book has helped me successfully verbalize and balance my work and life where bridging some of these concepts had been difficult. The program appears rather simple, but creates complex realizations. "